Best steakhouse in Amsterdam? Loetje!

Best steakhouse in Amsterdam? Loetje!

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If you ask me where to dine for good steak with reasonable price in Amsterdam or a decent place for dinner in Amsterdam city Center, I would definitely say: Loetje!, without any hesitation.

Loetje is a famous steakhouse in Amsterdam and recently they’ve expanded to Rotterdam and The Hague. Read my post about why you cannot miss Loetje in Amsterdam.

Reason for my recommendation: Good food with reasonable price!

Loetje Story

Loetje first started as a restaurant in Amsterdam Zuid area more than 40 years ago but originally it was just a bar providing beers and snacks.

The owner at the time was not satisfied with the service to the customers and tried to bring something different to the market. Later, he started to offer steak menu with his working experience at the butcher shop and successfully transformed the bar into a steakhouse!

Nowadays, Loetje has more than 10 chain restaurants across Randstad (big cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam).

My experience with restaurants in the Netherlands

Always Google for good food in Amsterdam!

As an Asian food lover in the Netherlands, my experience tells me “check the good restaurants first on the internet or with the people around you before going into any restaurants in the Netherlands”.

Why? That’s simple: after I’ve enjoyed so much good food in Asia with very affordable price, a normal restaurant (Euro 15-20 per main course) in Amsterdam always makes me disappointed. Not to mention if it’s in tourist area.

However, Loetje did not let me down when I first walked in. I know this place via a Dutch friend. In fact, I have been there many times and even recommend it to my friends and readers on my blog.

What I like about Loetje and my exclusive tips

Always remember to make a reservation first before you go!

I visit Leotjes every year and back in 2017, I visited it 5 times! That sounds crazy, but I like it a lot.

They have good food and good dining environment. They have many restaurants in Amsterdam but personally I recommend Loetje Oost and Leotje Noord.

Which Loetje restaurant to dine?

  • Loetje Oost offers the best steakhouse (many people would agree) among all Loetje restaurants and it is very spacious. I hate it when it’s crowded in the restaurant. Moreover, it’s very closed to Amsterdam City Center, you can enjoy the local vibe, not touristic vibe, there.
  • Loetje Aan’t IJ offers the same type of food but what’s special about it is that: they turn the restaurant like it is under the sea. If you want a different atmosphere, be sure to come here!

    Tip: remember to ask for a table next to the window, so you get the best view and it is not too noisy when it’s busy.
  • Central has the best location in Amsterdam for tourist. Why? It’s right across Amsterdam Central Station! It’s easy to get to by any form of public transportation. However, the restaurant is not big (guess rent is also not cheap) and in the basement.

What to order at Loetje (My recommendation)

My personal recommendation for food at Loetje

Beef tenderloin steak “Bali” (Highly recommend!)

Highly recommend you order “Bali” Steak! Did you notice? No vegetables at all!

I always order “Bali steak” without any hesitation at Loetje and all my friends love it as much as I do! Unless, you don’t like spicy food at all! They say Bali steak is spicy, but no worries, it is only a little bit spicy to Asians, but might be quite spicy for the locals.

If you order this one, make sure you ask for bread to dip the steak sauce. That tastes really good! The sauce is full of steak taste and very tasty.

Kindly note you only get steak, no vegetables included. Therefore, we also order salad for sharing.

Chicken and Bacon Salad

Be sure to order Salad, unless you are a meat lover!

Salad also tasted good and with quite a lot vegetables on it.

There are a few salads you can choose, we went for this one because I did not like the other 2 options.

Dutch Pea Soup (Dutch: Erwtensoup)

Since you are in the Netherlands, why not try the famous Dutch soup?

Erwtensoup is Dutch traditional winter soup. Be sure to like this one (kidding).

When I just moved to the Netherlands, I did not like Erwtensoup at all, because it is very different from Asia soup. It is very rich and a pea based soup. However, I like it after 2 years living in Amsterdam (I guess I am a little bit Dutch ;)) I would say freshly made one is the best than the ones from the packages at the supermarkets.

After saying so much bad things about Erwtensoup, I personally think Ertensoup from Leotje is not the best I’ve tried, only average. You can try it here or somewhere else. This is my honest opinion.

Now, you have my helpful advice, just reserve your table on time! Let me know about your experience!

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