Best Korean Food in Rotterdam: Bap Boss

Best Korean Food in Rotterdam: Bap Boss

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In big dutch cities around Randstad, it is not difficult to find Japanese and Korean restaurants. However, many of them are ran by Chinese, only a few of them ran by Japanese or Korean.

This time, the Korean restaurant that I am going to recommend is ran by Korean people, and many Korean living in the Netherlands like it a lot! After I tried it with my friends, I definitely recommend this Korean Restaurant to Korean food lovers in Rotterdam.


Which Korean restaurant is that!? That is


Bap Boss Korean Restaurant!


Bap Boss Korean Restaurant is not in Rotterdam City Center, but it is easy to get there by Metro in Rotterdam.


How to get there? Take the metro to Oostplein Station. Then, walk for around 5 minutes before you reach Bap Boss Korean Restaurant.


Although the restaurant is not in Rotterdam City Center, the restaurant is quite small, can only accommodate around 30 guests. I highly recommend the readers to make a reservation at Bap Boss before you go, especially around 17:30-19:30.



As a Korean Restaurant in Rotterdam, Bap Boss definitely offers Korean culture dining atmosphere, Korean characters and paintings are covered on the wall inside the restaurant. With the Korean culture decoration, it makes the guests feeling like dining at a restaurant in Korea.



What about their food? you can check the menu on their website. They offer a wide range of Korean food and even Korean pears juice (the most popular soft drink in Korean).


Let’s see what I ordered with my friends at Bap Boss Korean Restaurant Rotterdam!


DAK GANGJEONG EUR 7 & Korean Kimchi EUR 2:

If you came all the way to a Korean restaurant, highly recommend these 2 typical Korean Dish (MUST ORDER KOREAN FOOD).


DAK GANGJEONG (Sweet Crispy Korean Fried Chicken) is the best I tried in the Netherlands. If you love deep fried chicken, highly recommend you to try it. It is much better than KFC fried chicken. It is very juicy and sauce tastes really good. The other one is Korean Kimchi.



LA GALBI is short Ribs marinaded with Korean BBQ sauce. The meat is super tender and the bone can be removed very easily (I know most European prefer to enjoy the meat without the bones 😉 but I like it with bones!).



Another MUST ORDER dish is DOLSOT BIBIMBAP (Korean Stone Pot Rice Bowl)!


DOLSOT BIBIMBAP is a popular and typical food in Korea. The dish comes in a hot Stone Pot, please mix different ingredients all together with the Korean sauce, so you get the best taste of the dish.


Korean Restaurant Bap Boss


Address: Goudsesingel 26, 3011 KB Rotterdam, Netherlands

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