Top 5 Asian Restaurant in Amsterdam China Town!

Top 5 Asian Restaurant in Amsterdam China Town!

Do you like Asian food? So do I! Do you want to know cheap Asian food in Amsterdam China Town? You are reading the right post for it!

When walking around Amsterdam, it is not difficult to find Asian Restaurants. However, what are the best Asian restaurants in Amsterdam city center?

Here, I’ve summarized top 5 cheap Asian Restaurant you should visit in Amsterdam City Center and most of them in China Town. The price is between EUR 7-12 per person!

1. Little Saigon: Best Vietnamese Pho in Amsterdam

If you like noodles with soup, please try Pho at Little Saigon. The best Pho you have in Amsterdam city center.

Pho is a soup consisting of broth, rice noodles, herbs and perfectly sliced beef. I like the tenderness of the sliced beef. It costs less than 10 Euro, this is a very good price in Amsterdam city center.

It’s very popular spot during dinner times. Make sure you come a bit earlier than 18:00 so no need to wait for the tables.

Locaion: Zeedijk 88-90, Amsterdam (Close to China Town)

2. Bird Snack Bar Amsterdam: Authentic Thai Street Food in Amsterdam

Do you like Thai food? Then you have to visit Bird SnackBar in Amsterdam China Town. Bird SnackBar offers tasty Thai food. We like their Tom Yum Kung Soup the most.

The restaurant is very small, only offers 5-6 tables for guests, so always a big line at the door on peak hours. They have takeaway special for only 10 Euro, but you get a lot of food, main course, rice and fresh vegetables. If the weather is good, highly recommend you have takeaway food and enjoy the food along the canals in Amsterdam.

Location: Zeedijk 77, Amsterdam (Close to China Town)

3. Wok to Walk: Cheap Chinese Food in Amsterdam

Are you travelling on a budget? Then don’t miss out Wok to Walk.

They offer fried rice or fried noodles and vegetables depending on your preference. If you do not want extra vegetables and meat, the basic box is less than 5 Euro. This is a good option for backpackers.

Various locations in Amsterdam, check their website or simply search Wok to Walk on Google Map.

4. Nyonya Malaysia Restaurant: Tasty Malaysian Food in Amsterdam

If you like Asian food but would like to try something different, then Malaysian food might be a good choice for you.

They offers food from Malaysia and Singapore. Personally, I like Hainanese Chicken rice the most. Also, if you like spicy food, Larsa noodles soup is also a good choice.

Location: Kloveniersburgwal 38, Amsterdam (China Town)

5. Tanuki Japans Eetcafe: Good Quality Japanese Food in Amsterdam

Japanese food is always a good choice.

Tanuki offers Japanese food with a reasonable price. They are not only famous for Japanese food, but also famous for the small side dishes from Japan. They have authentic Japanese food so I often see Japanese people eating there after work.

If you are on a budget, please order their specialty: Rice with eel. You also get a cup of miso soup with it for free. Then, you have cheaper Japanese food in Amsterdam.

Location: Willem Van Weldammelaan 41, Amsterdam (Close to Amsterdam Zuid)

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